Engineer meets Physician

25-26 januari 2022 – RADar Learning and Innovation Centre Roeselare
AZ Delta

Digitization and data is shaping the future of health care. It is a force for change, driven by a close collaboration between engineers and physicians. Data-drive healthcare is opening the door to personalized and precision medicine, in an equity affordable manner. It can help improve the patient journey.

Given the recent advances in various fields of healthcare data handling, preparation, harvesting and patient benefits, this conference aims at bringing engineers and physicians together and offers an excellent platform for exchange of ideas and showcases of next steps towards data-driven healthcare.  To register for the conference you can click on the following link.

EmP2022 is the first Engineer meet Physician conference, held by the RADar innovation center of AZ Delta and will focus on data aspects within healthcare research & innovation. EmP2022 wishes to invite researchers and doctorate students to submit abstracts for oral presentations or poster sessions. To register for this, you can click on the following link.


  • 25-26 januari 2022
  • Locatie: RADar Learning and Innovation Centre
    Deltalaan 1
    8800 Roeselare (Oekene)
  • Taal: English
  • Doelgroep: onderzoekers


  • Prijs: max. €360 (incl. btw)

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