How can AI enhance Smart Maintenance and Prognostic Health Management for Industrial Assets?

webinar, 22 juni 2021
AI Research Flanders

AI Research Flanders discusses the recent advances in this domain, as well as its implications to enhance the maintenance operations for industrial assets, resulting from the insights gained in the context of the Flanders AI Research Program.


  • 13:00 – General introduction to the Flanders AI Research Program and the Industry 4.0 use cases (Sabine Demey, Director Flanders AI Research Program)
  • 13:10 – Towards Data-Driven Prognostic Health Management of Industrial Machinery: opportunities and challenges (Mathias Verbeke, Sirris)
  • 13:25 – Recent Advances in Prognostic Health Management of Industrial Machinery from the Flanders AI Research Program (10’/pitch + 2’ Q&A)
    • Assessing machine health through data-driven indicators (Alejandro Morales Hernández, Hasselt University)
    • When labels are limited: transfer learning for anomaly & fault detection (Konstantinos Gryllias & Vincent Vercruyssen, KU Leuven)
    • Performance degradation detection under varying operating conditions (Robbert Verbeke, Sirris)
    • Data-driven digital twin for hybrid PHM (Jolan Wauters & Ivo Couckuyt, Ghent University)
  • 14:15: Break
  • 14:25 – How can AI enhance Smart Maintenance for Industrial Assets? (Ted Ooijevaar, Flanders Make)
  • 14:30 – Cloud AI driven Smart Maintenance with limited training data (Taoufik Bourgana, Flanders Make and Konstantinos Gryllias/Chenyu Liu, KU Leuven)
  • 14:50 – Edge AI driven smart maintenance of industrial assets with (computation) power constraints (Sam Leroux, UGent-IMEC and Matthias Hartmann, IMEC and Robert Brijder, Flanders Make)
  • 15:10 – Presentation from industry (To be confirmed)
  • 15:25 – Discussion
  • 15:45 – Wrap-up & outlook


  • 22 juni 2021
  • online webinar
  • Taal: Engels


  • Prijs: gratis

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