Python for Data Science

Campus Diepenbeek, UHasselt

Python is one of the dominant languages in data science. In this training we will cover a number of modules that are useful for data preparation, analyzing data, visualization, and machine learning.

Subject and Python modules that will be covered:

  • using Jupyter notebooks for data science projects
  • representing, transforming & querying data: pandas
  • visualization: seaborn
  • parsing/cleaning data & regular expressions


  • datum: nog te bepalen
  • locatie:
    Campus Diepenbeek, Gebouw D
    3590 Diepenbeek
  • Taal: Engels


  • Schrijf je in op de wachtlijst
  • Voorwaarden: ervaring met programmeren in Python
  • Prijs: min. €150

Ready to get started?

All practical information can be found on the UHasselt training page