Python for machine learning

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Campus Diepenbeek, UHasselt

Python is one of the dominant languages in the area of machine learning and AI. This training will provide an introduction to machine learning methodology for data preparation and machine learning, as well as some machine learning algorithms.

Subjects and Python modules that will be covered:

  • what is machine learning, and what is AI?
  • pipelines for data ingestion, training and testing: scikit-learn
  • examples of classic algorithms: scikit-learn
  • principal component analysis
  • Ridge regression
  • Naive Bayes classifier
  • k-means clustering
  • examples of (deep) neural networks: Keras
  • multi-layer perceptron for image classification
  • convolutional neural network for image classification
  • recurrent neural networks for sentiment analysis


  • datum: nog te bepalen
  • locatie:
    Campus Diepenbeek, Gebouw D
    3590 Diepenbeek
  • Taal: Engels


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