Text Mining with Python

online (as of 26 April 2021)
KU Leuven

This course is a hands-on course covering the use of text mining tools for the purpose of data analysis. It covers basic text handling, natural language engineering and statistical modelling on top of textual data.

The following items are covered :

  •    Encodings, cleaning of text data, regular expressions
  •     Language identification
  •     String distances
  •     Graphical displays of text data
  •     Natural language processing: parts-of-speech tagging, tokenization, lemmatisation, keyword extraction, named-entity-recognition
  •     Sentiment analysis
  •     Statistical topic detection modelling using Gensim
  •     Automatic classification using predictive modelling based on text data
  •     Word embeddings, document similarities & Text alignment

Target audience

The course is for Python users in industry/academics who are interested in practical natural language processing and statistical learning on text data. People with a data science background with less knowledge of Python and which are interested in machine learning & text mining in general will find this course also very useful.


  • Datum:
    • weblectures beschikbaar vanaf 26 April 2021
    • Online Q&A op 6 May 2021
  • Taal: Engels


  • Prijs: min. €100 (check de website voor kortingstarieven)
  • Doelgroep:
    PhD-studenten, non-profit/social sector, private sector
  • Benodigde voorkennis:
    • ervaring met Python van minstens enkele weken
    • beperkte praktische ervaring met regressiemodellering
    • kennis van statistische modellering

Klaar om te starten?

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